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Sport Psych in Business

I have been approached about this topic recently and it is pretty simple. I ask, what is the main goal for your business? Usually the answer is to be successful. I ask the exact same question to an athlete and they will typically have a similar response. Sport psychology in business can sometimes hit the jackpot; as when we talk about sports we talk about the olympic and professional teams. These corporations exists to make profit, they want to increase performances to increase sales. So, when practicing sport psychology you work on increasing performance to not just athletes, but everyone. Businesses can essentially benefit from this as the consultant works as a mediator between the staffing departments and brings about clarity, ideas and most importantly feedback from each department. This feedback allows for reflection and then implementation of techniques to move forward and improve the overall wellness of the company.

"Government and national sporting organizations (NSOs) across the world have invested increasing sums of money in their quest for success at the highest levels." (fletcher and Wagstaff, 2009). We can thank our friends in organizational psychology for the science behind improving performance in business. Our organizational focus is:

- Talent management and assessment: Identify, nurture and retain talent

- Organizational development: Translate vision into clear sighted strategy

- Leadership Development: Teaching the demands of the role to deliver results

- Team Development: Aid the development of confidence to ensure success

There are simple factors that allow for success to be achieved in both a business or sporting organization and we like to be at the forefront in their development. The first is successful leadership, this requires great interpersonal skills and positive attitudes towards others as well as understanding the different leadership types for various positions. The second is group cohesion. Both positive and negative, to find the barriers towards group success. The third key to business success is communication, especially if there is a long chain of demands filtering their way from leaders to teams. Ideas and visions can become lost or confused along the way. Clear and concise communication is necessary for all individuals involved to improve performance and workplace happiness. All in all, if you are looking to hire a company or individual to increase performance and become successful within business why not look for a sport psychologist that has competitive backgrounds, that don't just look to one aspect of business, but can apply a multitude of ideas for your companies retention, growth and overall success.

Happy Friday guys! If you have any questions regarding sport psychology and business, feel free to contact me at or call +1 678-902-2045.



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