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Educating the little ones

When it comes to children, the application of sport psychology is imperative to their development. Educating children from an early age will help in their mental growth and strength, as well as, prepare them for the life struggles of growing up and dealing with new and confusing situations. Working with a sport psychologist can help build your children's confidence and abilities to learn new skills.

Learning skills:

- Winning

- Losing

- Competing

- Self development

- Helping others

- Developing confidence

The earlier we teach our kids about sport and exercise the healthier our cultures and future generations will be. Children are like sponges and will absorb any information you give them (even when they appear not to be focused). They look up to adults as parents, educators, mentors and most importantly, role models. So we set the standards, we mould their behaviour and ultimately, we influence their ability to achieve their dreams and aspirations. This is no light fete. Working with children is possibly more important than working with any adults, as they are impressionable. Watching a child learn to develop self-confidence is the most awe-inspiring part of my job. Knowing that the education they receive will stay with them for years to come and give them the best start to achieving their goals as early as possible.

So the question lies in how do we teach sport psychology in youth sport? Simple... We deliver ideas and practices to children, mentors, coaches, parents and role models who need to educate themselves on the importance of sport psychology in order for children to fully understand how to implement ideas into practice. This can be achieved through group workshops with both children and adults learning simultaneously, which further encourages children to learn by watching their role models actively learning too. These workshops will work on all of the learning skills mentioned above to improve individual and group performances.

If you are interested in developing sport psychology in youth sport please contact me at or cal 678-902-2045.

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