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Client Onboarding

These four sessions allow us to get to know the client, explore their mental skills and strengths and curate a plan with a client-focused objective. It also allows for screening for favourable client/ practitioner suitability.

Online Programing

Through our online programming, you will connect with us for one session before beginning each program, where you can learn at your own pace. Programs cover motivation, confidence, self-esteem, performance output, choking under pressure, regulating emotions and managing anxiety. 

Individual Session

These sessions follow the client onboarding and allow individuals to not only learn new mental skills but also develop a trusting professional relationship with us that work towards the client-focused objective. 

Educational Workshops

Workshops are great ways to share knowledge with a large group or team. These workshops can be created specifically to each environment and the client's needs. Workshops require consultation and planning periods for optimal delivery. 

Team Session

These sessions are specially curated for working within group environments. No two groups are alike and, therefore, cannot be replicated. These sessions focus on group cohesion, collective efficacy and motivational climates.

Subscription Services

These services are reserved for professional clients that require flexibility on a monthly basis. There are three tiers designed to match the client's needs. This service allows for onboarding, individual sessions, instant messaging and regular check-ins. 


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