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Client Onboarding

If you are unsure about long term commitment, that is normal. My role is to connect, teach and develop independence. This empowering philosophy is designed to build confidence. Early sessions allow me to get to know you, explore your mental skills and strengths and create a solution-focused objective to help you work on your mental side of performance.


Through our online programming, you will connect with us for one session before beginning each program, where you can learn at your own pace. Programs cover motivation, confidence, self-esteem, performance output, choking under pressure, regulating emotions and managing anxiety. 

1-1 Consultation

Due to the nature of high-performance settings, I understand that schedules can be busy with travel and responsibilities. Therefore I work in a flexible manner to accommodate the busiest of schedules. I connect in person at my office or at your location (travel required) and virtually. 


Workshops are great ways to share knowledge with a large group or team. These workshops can be created specifically to each environment and the client's needs. Workshops require consultation and planning periods for optimal delivery. 


These sessions are specially designed for working within group environments. No two groups are alike and, therefore, cannot be replicated. These sessions require onsite work (travel) and focus on group cohesion, collective efficacy, team relationships, team education and general motivational climates.


These services are reserved for professional clients that require flexibility on a monthly basis. There are three tiers designed to match the client's needs. This service allows for onboarding, individual sessions, instant messaging and regular check-ins. 

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