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About Me

Hello, I'm Sam Booth, a sports psychology and performance consultant. I live with my wife and two children, and I am passionate about empowering elite performers in sports, business, and any high-achieving or high-performing environments.


Since 2007, I have dedicated myself to studying the field of performance psychology. This has given me a deep understanding of the real-world issues that impact performers both inside and outside their performance areas.


When it comes to supporting you, I am committed to being professional, direct, and challenging. I firmly believe that improving performance requires a partnership, and I am ready to challenge myself to meet your needs and help you reach your full potential.


I maintain a realistic approach and understand that not everyone is the right fit for each other. It's essential for there to be a mutual understanding between us to achieve the best results. Just as you will carefully select someone to work with, I will assess if I can truly help you before we embark on this journey together.


To provide exceptional service, I adopt a flexible approach in my work. This means going beyond traditional consulting by stepping into your shoes, familiarizing myself with your environment, and working closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your challenges and needs.


I genuinely love what I do and thrive on new challenges. If you believe we might be a good fit, I eagerly await your contact and the opportunity to work with you.


Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  • PhD | Sport Psychology | ​University of Birmingham (2024)

  • MSc | Psychology of Sport and Exercise | University of Roehampton

  • BSc | Sport Psychology | University of South Wales


  • BPS Sport Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

  • CMPC with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology

  • SEPiT British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

  • Qualified suicide prevention instructor (QPR)

  • Qualified concussion consultant (ImPACT)

  • Certified personal trainer (CPT)

ImPACT Concussions
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