Peak Sport Psychology works with athletes and coaches. Sport psychology can be defined as performance psychology that looks at developing mental skills by exploring your mental skill strengths as well as your less-developed mental skills. Focusing on improving your less-developed mental skills will lead to improvements in your performance pre, during, and post-competition. Mental skill training can benefit any athlete looking to gain their edge by focusing on performance anxiety, performance preparation, routine preparation, imagery, self-talk, and relaxation.


Peak Sport Psychology works with all performers at all levels. Performance is not restricted to sports, it exists in everyone's day-to-day lives. Performance psychology has a simple focus on your wellbeing and lifestyle balance through mental skills training. Individuals who tend to benefit from performance psychology generally struggle with balance and motivation. Sometimes we need to find a way to create change but do not possess the skills to do so. Performance psychology helps to improve mental health through education, developing coping skills, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), lifestyle choices, and habit development.



Non-clinical services apply to the application of mental skills training and not the assessment or treatment for mental health or substance abuse issues (which we refer out).


Client-specific assessments allow for a greater understanding of mental skills application, baseline testing for growth tracking, and tailoring of services.


Individual and group training allows for educational intervention through seminars and workshops of current and empirical sport psychology research.


End-to End service allows for the appropriate amount of time for a skill to be learned, developed, and applied. This service is unique to each client and may vary in length & time.


Whether individual or group, learning to develop trusting, honest, open, and supportive relationships is critical to improving motivation and creating buy-in.


Developing a positive culture is critical to any environment. Through team consultancy, the motivational climate will be assessed, evaluated, and improved.