Peak Sport Psychology works with athletes and coaches. Sport psychology can be defined as performance psychology that looks at developing mental skills by exploring your mental skill strengths as well as your less-developed mental skills. Focusing on improving your less-developed mental skills will lead to improvements in your performance pre, during and post-competition. Mental skill training can benefit any athlete looking to gain their edge by focusing on performance anxiety, performance preparation, routine preparation, imagery, and relaxation.


Exercise Psychology has a simple focus on your wellbeing and lifestyle. Individuals who benefit from exercise psychology generally struggle with the original concept of exercise and how to incorporate it into their lives. Sometimes we need to find a way to change our lives but do not have the skills or mindset to do so. Exercise psychology helps to improve mental health through education, developing coping skills, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), lifestyle choices, diet and habit development.

What is Peak Sport Psychology?

Peak Sport Psychology improves your mental and physical strengths


  • Peak exemplifies the core values from the field of sport and exercise psychology to aid in the development of increasing performance through non-clinical counseling. 

  • Peak strives to understand you and build constructive solutions to improve your performance within a sporting, exercising, or business environment.

  • Peak comprehends your desires and makes them achievable; to push, challenge and provoke any inhibitions holding you back.

How Does Peak Sport Psychology Work?

New, safe, and innovative ideas to aid in the mental and physical development


  • Peak creates a safe and secure environment for all clients to work in, through non-clinical counseling techniques to build rapport and relationships with clients.

  • Peak utilizes client consultations to create a mental performance profile that highlights well-developed and underdeveloped mental skills then applies specific mental skill training techniques to improve performance.