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Does Happiness Have a Timeline?

How do you become happy? Is happiness something that comes naturally? Can you create happiness? It is crazy to think that something that seems so simple, can be so complex. So many people claim that happiness is a measurement of something, but figuring out what that something is can be quite tricky. Have you ever bought a car and all of a sudden become happy? Yes - great happiness is a measurement of materialism. Have you ever done a good deed? Yes - great happiness is a measurement of charity. Have you ever reached a goal and felt happiness? Yes - great happiness is a measurement of success. The question here really lies in, how long can you remain happy?

When you achieve something are you automatically happy or do you become mundane to the achievement and set a bigger goal? What happens when this type of happiness is no longer measurable or achievable? Does happiness expire? Do you become un-happy? Maybe these questions are answerable by subjectively assessing your overall well-being.

Felton and Jowett (2013) suggest that subjective well-being can be described as "the experience of pleasure and satisfaction in ones's life and is closely associated with the concept of hedonic living in which happiness is viewed as the primary goal." They go on to mention that these subjective experiences play a strong role by influencing our psychological state of well-being where experiences aid "personal growth, mastery, self-acceptance and realizing human potential."

Basically, happiness is most definitely achievable, measurable and sometimes deplorable. However, it is important to remember that in the pursuit of happiness it is always important to be subjective and acceptant to success and failure. Think for yourself, drive towards your goals and set out a plan from start to finish (with lots of achievable goals along the way). Remember that this is your happiness, which is only measurable by your standards. Some people may be subjective towards your happiness and that is okay, because it is their opinion and not yours. Be the person who believes in yourself and be the one to inspire your true happiness and well-being toward others; help others achieve their own forms of happiness.

If you want help achieving your own happiness or need ideas in creating a life long commitment, contact me at

Have a great week and enjoy being happy!



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